Oak and Tiger unlock new opportunities for partners

Oak Innovation and Tiger’s recent tie up has unlocked opportunities for partners to offer call recording and call analytics to customers as a cohesive bundle.

Following a partnership forged in July, Tiger’s partners have access to Oak Innovation’s ClarifyGo recording product and Oak Innovation is offering its channel analytics through Tiger’s Prism solution.

The companies saw this as a natural step as continued hybrid working drives an increased demand for more functionality. Oak CEO William Emm (pictured right) stated: “Teams is more mature now in the market. When Covid started, people were scrambling to get a solution that would allow people to work from home with receiving and making calls the priority.

“Three years on, people are now asking for the features they had on legacy phone systems such as compliant recording or analytics and from their perspective, it makes sense to get that from one supplier rather than going to two different locations.”

By leveraging each other’s expertise, the organisations can build for the next generation, as opposed to looking back and reinventing the wheel. Tiger CEO Ben Nicklen (pictured left) notes that for Tiger to enter the call recording market, it would take years of development and considerable investment. When this was complete, it would have to poach customers off Oak Innovation which has a sticky base of loyal customers.

He said: “Our development team wants to be on the bleeding edge. Our focus is on the future in the next ten years, not looking back ten years and trying to copy what already exists.”

Instead, this deal enables the companies to offer continuity to their existing customers, providing additional innovation that they demand, and an enhanced bundle to new customers. Emm and Nicklen forecast that this cross selling can add £1m ARR across their businesses.

What is next for the partnership

Tiger and Oak have begun promoting these opportunities to their customers. Tiger launched the partnership at its online Connect event with 85 clients present. Oak will be hosting a series of educational webinars in September to explain the benefits of analytics to its own clients.

The next step for the partnership will be delivering tighter technology integrations with collaboration vendors and assessing how the two products can increase business value for each other. Nicklen also states that other synergies can be driven from the companies’ close proximities. He said: “We are open to any ideas for collaboration. We are two local businesses that have been around for a long time and we both want to be around for another 25 years.”

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