Driving Opportunity with Ideas Lab 3.0

Thursday, 25th of November, saw the Pragma team successfully deliver their third Ideas Lab event to an audience of channel partners. The event presented a perfect opportunity to explore the hottest insights into seizing new opportunities from Ericsson-LG’s technology offerings. The event was hosted by Pragma’s Sales and Marketing teams and produced alongside digital marketing partners GetCrisp.

The digital event began with a presentation explaining how the Cloud communications market is changing due to a more tech-savvy customer base and why sales and marketing teams will need to adapt their approach. Presenter Will Morey emphasised the need to combine sales and marketing techniques to create a loyal customer base.

Commenting on his opening presentation: “The traditional sales and marketing roles we previously knew are changing to accommodate the fast-paced digital selling environment. Sales and Marketing are increasingly becoming more integrated into one another - salespeople need to take on marketing roles and vice-versa. People still aren’t working in the office five days a week, so it’s important to integrate your process with remote selling and new techniques.”

Pragma then introduced their new Hub Portal, exclusively available to Pragma reseller partners. The bespoke portal is designed to enhance a partner’s sales and marketing toolkit by delivering a range of helpful video guides, high-quality brochures, white-labelled marketing campaign material and an intuitive quote builder.

The live stream then led to Pragma’s Business Development Director Ed Savory providing an overview of iPECS’s new WebRTC collaboration service, iPECS ONE and the benefits the technology can provide to improve user experience, customer service and cost-effectiveness.

Ed then took attendees through the history of WebRTC and how the technology has advanced in its ten-year journey, with one of its originators being Ericsson. He concluded with why the technology is at the forefront of collaboration and can enhance a channel partners collaboration capability as it has for industry leaders like Google and Facebook.

Providing insights on how prioritising customer retention can help businesses to thrive was Helen Ranaghan, Business Development Director at Pragma. By demonstrating the new iPECS Analytics solution, she presented the functions and benefits and how its in-depth reporting functionality and monitoring tools can directly enhance staff performance and ensure more successful marketing campaigns. iPECS Analytics will be launched to Pragma reseller partners in Q1 of 2022.

The final speaker of the event was Richard Knight, Director of GetCrisp highlighting how using social media can generate sales leads through referrals. He explained how the leverage of previous good reviews allows sales staff to make inroads quicker and connect with decision-makers more effectively. He added: “Don’t be afraid to get your personality across; if you’re happy to say it in a meeting, you should be happy to say it on social media.”

If you didn’t get the chance to watch the Ideas Lab event live, each presentation is available to watch on Pragma’s YouTube channel @wearepragma. Visit www.wearepragma.co.uk to find out more about partnering with Pragma and Ericsson-LG Enterprise.


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