Market Analysis

  • Study reveals extent of 'insider fraud'

    One quarter of professionals have witnessed fraudulent activity involving business documents, and 67% of senior finance and IT professionals believe that insider fraud involving business documents is possible within their organisations and 25% have witnessed document tampering by a member of staff.
  • 76% of IT Directors think the consumerisation of IT is 'overhyped’

    Research by enterprise ICT solutions and services provider Damovo UK has revealed that over three quarters (76%) of IT directors believe that the consumerisation of IT is 'overhyped'.
  • 53% of mobile users 'unaware' of Smartphone security

    A survey by internet security experts BullGuard showed a lack of insight into the rising number of malicious threats affecting mobile phones, with 53% of users claiming that they are unaware of security software for Smartphones. A further 21% argued that such protection was unnecessary, and 42% admitted it "hadn't crossed their mind".
  • 'super SMEs’ best placed to thrive in the economic slowdown

    SME businesses that are going ahead with pre-downturn plans and keeping up their investments in IT infrastructure, staff training and marketing are best placed to survive the recession.


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