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  • Ovum warns telcos to compete less and collaborate more as innovation efforts get put under the spotlight

    Innovation is critical to telco survival, states Ovum, yet many operators miss the big picture, exaggerate the threat from over-the-top (OTT) players, and misunderstand the broader benefits of innovation. New research from the global analyst firm examined more than 3,500 new service launches since 2009, finding that telcos must compete less and collaborate more.
  • Telcos ignore Big Data at their peril, warns Ovum

    Predicting and reducing churn, promoting loyalty, up-selling and cross-selling offers, and personalising services are all key areas where telcos can leverage Big Data analytics for business benefit, according to Ovum. Yet, one of the major reasons why this hasn't occurred is because of a traditional stumbling block - telco organisational and data structures, claims the think tank.
  • PC sales continue slow shipment growth

    The PC market continued to suffer slow shipment growth in top countries across regions in May, according to the IDC Monthly PC Tracker. April shipment growth had improved slightly from March in Latin America and EMEA, but May growth has come in slower than April for each of these markets except India and UK.
  • Study reveals extent of 'insider fraud'

    One quarter of professionals have witnessed fraudulent activity involving business documents, and 67% of senior finance and IT professionals believe that insider fraud involving business documents is possible within their organisations and 25% have witnessed document tampering by a member of staff.
  • 76% of IT Directors think the consumerisation of IT is 'overhyped’

    Research by enterprise ICT solutions and services provider Damovo UK has revealed that over three quarters (76%) of IT directors believe that the consumerisation of IT is 'overhyped'.
  • 53% of mobile users 'unaware' of Smartphone security

    A survey by internet security experts BullGuard showed a lack of insight into the rising number of malicious threats affecting mobile phones, with 53% of users claiming that they are unaware of security software for Smartphones. A further 21% argued that such protection was unnecessary, and 42% admitted it "hadn't crossed their mind".
  • 'super SMEs’ best placed to thrive in the economic slowdown

    SME businesses that are going ahead with pre-downturn plans and keeping up their investments in IT infrastructure, staff training and marketing are best placed to survive the recession.


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