CallMiner boosted by $75m investment

Provider of AI driven speech and customer interaction analytics CallMiner has closed a $75m investment round from Goldman Sachs. The deal underscores the critical role that AI and analytics will play in the contact centre environment.
“Customer intelligence is critical for organisations to compete effectively in today’s environment of rapid change and digital advancement,” said Paul Bernard, President and CEO of CallMiner.

"Success requires understanding what your customers and contact centre agents say, mean and how they feel – and leveraging that insight to fundamentally change the way you operate and perform. It all starts with AI-driven customer insights and intelligence."

CallMiner analyses over two trillion words annually across all forms of customer interactions including calls, chats, emails, surveys and texts.

Holger Staude, Investor at Goldman Sachs Growth, added: “The convergence of customer interaction analytics and customer experience creates a significant market opportunity. CallMiner is well positioned to transform the way organisations operate."

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