UK tops MSP league in Europe, finds report

IT Europa’s new European MSP Market Report (based on analysis of more than 1,500 of Europe’s leading MSPs) has identified the UK has having the most managed services providers, followed by the Netherlands, Germany and France. 

The markets being serviced by the major players tend to be the same in each country – Banking/Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Retail and the public sector are the main areas, but there are some differences. 

Germany, as expected, has strong manufacturing and automotive sectors for managed services – most of the top managed services players in the country have solutions in these areas. Only in utilities and comms does Germany lag the provision in other countries.

But anyone trying a common approach to all the European markets for managed services might soon run into problems and marketing strategies might need to be varied. 

For example, even the term managed service provider is not in common use everywhere in Europe. In France, far fewer than average define their business as being in managed services; cloud, infrastructure and networking provider are terms more commonly applied, and there is a higher proportion of consultants (8%) in managed services compared to the UK. And if you are looking for growth markets, the Netherlands might be a good place to start: some 75% of Dutch managed services companies are growing at faster than 10% currently, according to the report.

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