Navigating your cloud migration journey

The role of technology in driving business transformation continues to expand, and as the workplace landscape evolves, the cloud is becoming an increasingly essential tool. However, for many resellers and MSPs effectively utilising the potential of cloud technology presents both strategic and practical challenges.

The widespread adoption of cloud technology was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, as organisations sought to facilitate remote work and adapt to a rapidly changing business environment. Today, business leaders are more attuned to the strategic possibilities of cloud technology and its potential as an enabler for their broader objectives.

Every organisation’s journey into the cloud begins with a foundational step - the migration of existing technologies and workloads into a cloud environment. This initial migration marks the beginning of the organisation’s transformation in the cloud.

The advantages of cloud migration are vast, encompassing enhanced security, flexibility, resilience, insight, productivity, innovation, collaboration, cost-effectiveness, reduced reliance on internal talent, and sustainability, among other benefits. Importantly, this initial migration paves the way for long-term success in digital transformation efforts, while also serving as a launchpad for embracing new and specialised cloud models that are anticipated to drive the next major breakthrough, as recognised by Gartner. In acknowledgement of the growing necessity for resellers to align their actions with the dynamics of the cloud market, ANS has launched an initiative to support and empower partners at every stage of their cloud journey, regardless of their level of experience and where they currently are.

ANS eCloud, powered by VMware by Broadcom, offers resellers a flexible, scalable, simple, and secure pathway to guide their customers through their initial cloud migration and onwards, allowing them to progressively create greater value through ongoing cloud transformation as they continue to advance.

As one of eight strategic partners for VMware by Broadcom, and one of few Sovereign accredited in the channel, ANS is the perfect digital transformation provider to partner with.


For more information on ANS eCloud, our partner programme, and how we can help you on your cloud and digital transformation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

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