How We Helped Comms Dealer Stay Connected

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After a sustained period of growth and development, Comms Dealer had outgrown their old offices and were moving to a new space in the heart of Uxbridge town centre.

Having found the fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) connectivity at the old premises a little too slow at times, the business was looking forward to enjoying full fibre (FF) into the new office.

Part of Comms Dealer’s growth over the last five years has been as a result of an increased focus on digital content creation, and as such, having a super-fast, high[1]quality connection had become essential.

Sadly, far from the high-speed connectivity utopia they had hoped for, the new office proved to have a broadband connection far inferior to their old one.

With the prospect of poor connectivity compromising their future growth, Comms Dealer contacted the Cloudcell Technologies team for help.

The challenge

With their new office located in a town centre that had recently seen redevelopment, the assumption had been that a full fibre solution would be available, but this was not the case.

Following tests, the speeds experienced in the new office were found to be much slower than those Comms Dealer were working with in their current premises, which they were soon slated to leave.

The new office building was also listed, meaning that many areas were under conservation, limiting what work could be undertaken.

With the moving date nearing, a solution that would not only meet Comms Dealer’s requirement for increased bandwidth and speed, but could also be installed with limited impact on the building, was needed.

The solution

With time ticking down, Cloudcell visited the new office and ran a series of extensive tests to determine the best solution.

This meant testing connections across all available network carriers to see what speeds could be achieved, as well as a site survey to determine the best place for the antennae. Finding speeds above what had been expected, it was established that the best solution would be a 4G connection.

4G installation was swift and easy for us and we moved into the new office with no loss of connection to the outside world from day one. Cloudcell were on hand to work at user level to ensure all devices were connected  - Mike O’Brien Comms Dealer Managing Director

A few weeks following the initial set up, Cloudcell were even able to offer Comms Dealer a 5G solution which would provide even greater speeds and lower latency that would help with future growth in their bandwidth usage.

Why this solution?

For Cloudcell Technologies, the client’s requirements are at the heart of what they do.

After initial testing, although 5G was available in the area, a 4G solution was found to provide the most reliable connection and the speeds needed for Comms Dealer’s increased production of online content.

After some improvements in the technology available, Cloudcell returned to Comms Dealer and offered a 5G solution that would offer greater speeds and reliability, as well as lower latency.

As Comms Dealer’s bandwidth usage was only going to increase as they continue to grow and develop their digital creation output, the new 5G solution was going to provide a better service.

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