Defining new frontiers for connectivity with Vodafone’s SOGEA & FTTP

Businesses need their broadband connections to work harder – and smarter – than ever.

With the rapid mainstream adoption of remote and flexible working practices over the past year, the demand for high-speed and robust connections has grown exponentially. And for businesses and households alike, slow broadband speeds or total loss of service is no longer an occasional frustration – it’s an unacceptable obstacle to business productivity.

As one of the world’s top internet service providers, Vodafone understands that connectivity simply cannot be taken for granted – especially as the analogue copper line connections relied on by so many are fast approaching their end of life. That’s why we’ve made significant investments in our award-winning global network to create a new frontier for connectivity that helps all of our customers exceed their customers’ expectations.

Kathy Quashie, Head of Indirect Business at Vodafone UK, says, “A significant shift to more flexible working styles has called for connectivity that offers more than just a basic service. Businesses are moving away from traditional connectivity products to cloud-based connectivity and collaboration products, requiring more dependability and speed from broadband solutions. Vodafone’s move to SOGEA and FTTP for our Wholesale Broadband products ensures we can fully support the needs of businesses and support the closure plans for ageing telephone and broadband infrastructure for all of our Partners.”

Putting confidence into every connection

At Vodafone, we’re continuing to expand our broadband portfolio to answer the needs of our customers and transform the future of business. By delivering fearlessly fast fibre and confident connectivity, both SOGEA and FTTP are leading the way on this new frontier.

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) is a new way to connect to fibre that’s simple to order, install, and fix. It has lower in-life running costs than FTTC and includes the ability to overlay VOIP services. As a long-term solution, SOGEA replaces analogue copper line connections and minimises downtime by migrating quickly from your existing service.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is our fastest broadband yet. Unlike copper wires, fibre is far less susceptible to interference and signal degradation. This means it can carry significantly more data and practically makes buffering issues, service loss, and bandwidth limits a thing of the past. Through fibre optic lines that travel all the way to your customers’ doorstep, you get download speeds of up to 900 Mb/s.

Advance with ease – available for orders now

Both our single order and full-fibre products are standout examples of our ‘change made easy’ philosophy – helping our customers to adapt and benefit from next generation-ready voice services as seamlessly as possible. With more than 15 years’ experience in broadband and new access technologies, our engineering teams have the knowledge and expertise to deliver on that philosophy for every customer. To add further reassurance, our new way of connecting fibre means that it’s now even simpler to identify and fix issues, so if anything ever does go wrong, we can get your customers back online in next to no time.

Why we’re #BetterTogether

Confident connectivity is vital in today’s world. This is why we don’t see ourselves as simply a service provider, but as a partner that listens to and works with every customer to build better businesses and maximise new opportunities. Through competitive products and pricing, we can support your growth efforts by making it easy to sell SOGEA, FTTP and more to your customers and unlock new value through innovation on this new frontier in fixed connectivity.

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