Better Together: How Vodafone and its Partners can build better businesses

Kathy Quashie, Head of Indirect Business at Vodafone UK

Our proposition is all about looking forward and helping Partners to maximise opportunities from working with Vodafone. This is just the beginning of the journey with our Partners. Together we want to innovate to find new sources of value and growth.

- Kathy Quashie, Head of Indirect Partnerships, Vodafone

With our commitment to collaborative support, every vodafone partner stands to benefit from enhanced service, value, and experience. discover how.

Our Partners have always worked in tough, competitive environments. But as businesses look to recover from the uncertainty of lockdowns, the need to constantly innovate and explore new avenues of growth has become more important than ever. We’ve listened to our Partners and they’ve told us what they need to navigate the path ahead loud and clear: to achieve profitable growth, they’re seeking a more collaborative relationship with Vodafone.

And that’s why Vodafone for Partners continues to be our focus. It’s our way to support Partners’ growth and to benefit their end customers. For starters, it allows us to offer them greater capabilities and commercial flexibility. Using our market-leading technologies– supported by a tailored suite of training and marketing materials–we’re working closely with our Partners to create new, differentiated propositions for their customers.

Our collaborative partnership plan

With this mission in mind, we’re continuing to step up investment in both our team and our products and services, whilst closely supporting every Partner to develop new solutions, win more customers, and grow their business.

Making it easier to work together

We’ve recruited a bigger team of business partner managers, so we can better understand and serve every Partner.

Converged resellers are now supported by our dedicated reseller technical advisory, offering a single point of contact for our products and capabilities. What’s more, our reseller service operations team has become the key interface for ISPs to connect with Vodafone’s technology and billing functions.

We are constantly improving on our Partner Portal to ensure a streamlined experience for online ordering, supporting our Partners to close deals with their end customers faster.

Supporting Partner growth efforts

Vodafone is proud to be an award-winning, truly converged global network.* As an industry innovator, we can offer our Partners a wide range of resources to drive growth. This includes access to unique market insights, including customised training, sales, and marketing materials on our Partner Portal.

Delivering competitive products and pricing

Every Partner is unique, so off-the-shelf solutions rarely meet their needs. It’s why we’ve empowered our business partner managers with greater flexibility to create bespoke solutions that better reflect the reality of our Partners’ businesses. With longer term agreements that offer greater commercial clarity and pricing predictability, we’ve made it easier than ever to work with Vodafone. We also regularly review our tariffs to ensure we offer market-leading rates to our Partners.

Using innovation to unlock new value

As the global market leader for IoT connectivity, and integration platforms and solutions, we’re constantly developing our network capabilities. We’ve launched 5G in 41 locations across the UK, with more 5G, IoT, and SD-WAN propositions lined up for the future.

Our entire network is backed by deep security expertise, giving our Partners complete peace of mind when adopting new products and services. Our innovation hubs across the UK provide the perfect place for them to demonstrate solutions to their end customers, supported by our expert team.

Underpinning everything we offer is the backing of our global brand for every one of our Partners. By supporting every partnership and working collaboratively, we can become better together.

We’re building better growth for all our Partners and better solutions for their end customers. To take advantage of a new frontier in connectivity, get in touch today and speak to our Partner team, or visit

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