Automation, Streamlining & AI: The Pillars of Efficiency

As leaders, we should be asking ourselves ‘What do I need to do to improve efficiency, whilst providing an exceptional experience for my customers and team?’ to ensure we’re always working on initiatives that deliver the greatest value. With rising costs and more competition in the sector than ever before, how can you remove the headaches and inefficiencies to dramatically improve performance?

Many assume that having lots of systems will guarantee efficiency, but more isn’t always better. Quick fixes are rarely the solution. They often create silos, duplication of work, data inaccuracy, poor adoption, and frustrated users. A strong software ecosystem can make a world of difference, from reduced operational costs to increased CSAT scores. It’s not just about choosing the right software and how those platforms interact, but also leveraging the power of automation, AI, and intelligent decision-making.

Our customers are reaping the rewards. By automating key processes, they’re saving months of time and significant costs by removing waste work. Our product/service expiry workflow automation has led to a 60% surge in early renewals, providing invaluable insights, locking in revenue, and boosting productivity. Integrating billing has prevented revenue leakage, enabling scaling without the need for hiring more people to oversee this critical function. Our new Mail Flow Rules feature is a game-changer in managing alerts from third-party systems, reducing support time by up to 35%, or £15k per year per support technician.

By diving into your systems and processes, or finding a technology partner that can help, you can strategically identify what you can automate, instead of opting for a ‘spray and pray’ approach, for greater time and cost savings. Automating repetitive tasks like order processing, invoice and PO generation, and service case creation/closure frees up your teams to focus on value-added activities like cross-selling, proactive account management and using insights to improve business operations further.

Businesses that embrace AI have experienced a 32-35% increase in customer and employee retention, sustainability, and innovation (IDC, 2023). AI isn’t about replacing people but helping them work smarter: quickly identifying patterns, analysing customer sentiment, and producing high-converting communications, but do you have the accurate and relevant data for it to learn from?

At Layer Systems, we help you achieve remarkable efficiency. Our industry-specific, community-driven CRM, The Layer, seamlessly orchestrates the whole customer journey. Integrated with finance and billing, it automates tasks, provides a 360-degree customer view, and empowers precise, data-driven decisions – all from one platform.

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