Are you in need of a Value-Added Vendor?

In the quest to gain a competitive edge, the true key lies in successfully utilising software and partnering with a vendor that brings real value to your business. With software implementation failures happening between 18-69% of the time [Harvard Business Review], and only 40% of companies are reaching the ideal 90% adoption rate [G2 Learn Hub], it’s clear a new approach is needed.

Perhaps you’ve experienced some of these common business headaches that we often hear:

Substandard support: You were promised world-class support, but when you need assistance, you’re left waiting days for a response from someone who struggles with industry terminology and requirements.

Inadequate training: You’re handed hours of videos or thousands of words to plough through, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and ill-prepared.

Feeling stuck: You’ve invested considerable time and money into your current system, but it’s not delivering. Yet, you feel like you must stick with it to save money in the short term, not realising just how much it’s costing you in the long term.

This is where a Value-Added Vendor comes into play. In today’s climate, it’s not enough for a vendor to simply offer a good product. They must add tangible value to your business and be a partner, just as you are as a VAR or MSP. They should be invested in your success and growth.

Rather than just selling software, we’re invested in your long-term success. Our managed onboarding guarantees a quicker ROI by supporting you to increase revenue and reduce customer churn. With our in-house experts who created the software, you don’t need pricey third-party consultants. We believe in garbage in, garbage out so our Project team will support you to migrate clean and accurate data from all your sources. Our hands-on, tailored training drives user adoption and productivity. And our community-driven approach ensures we shape our roadmap based directly on customer feedback and what the channel needs.

Just last year, a communications leader of over 25 years appointed us to address fragmented data and automate manual processes by replacing an underutilised CRM. After adopting The Layer and benefitting from our managed onboarding, they streamlined their renewal process, freeing account managers for strategic efforts and customer relationships, enabling renewals of 70% of their IT base in record time.

In an era where every penny counts, making the right choice for your software needs is crucial. We’re committed to adding tangible value and becoming an indispensable ally in the ICT channel. Book a demo today to explore how we can help address your business pains:

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