Selling Security as a Service – what you need to know: By Emily Nerland, Channel Director EMEA, Masergy

Ten years ago most businesses thought a DDoS attack or malware exploit wouldn’t affect them, but fast forward to the current landscape and those same companies are fighting tooth and nail to keep their information secure and networks running efficiently. Staying secure at all hours of the day is harder than ever, and the digital world shows no signs of becoming any friendlier. Managed security providers like Masergy have enjoyed incredible growth recently delivering comprehensive Security as a Service with a focus on detection and response.
This is partly down to the recent surge in Cloud services and SaaS products, as there are now so many more points of attack. The increase in remote working devices (phones, laptops, tablets etc.) and IoT sensors have also increased the number of entry-points to a network, with firewalls having to screen far more data than originally provisioned or designed for. 

Considering how significant public hacks have become in the media, as well as their increase in frequency, boards are now starting to realise that investing in a robust security solution is essential. Sourcing the necessary tools, effective processes and the skilled staff to secure a business in-house though, is prohibitive for most. There’s a lot of choice in the marketplace when looking for security products too, which can be overwhelming for those that don’t have much knowledge in cyber security and that’s where Managed Service Providers like Masergy come in.

Comms resellers who offer comprehensive Managed Security services with effective detection and response services are in the perfect position to act as that second line of defence and ease the worries of their clients. This sector is also a useful differentiating factor, in a confusing market with many disparate security product offerings.

The time of purchasing a box containing anti-virus software is long gone and businesses are struggling to find the expertise required to create in-house security solutions.

Understanding the risks related to a business is vital for its leaders and finding a security solution that works across Cloud, on-premise, hybrid and endpoints is now a fundamental necessity for global brands.

Managed service providers like Masergy have the knowledge and experience to deal with ever-growing threats, can protect information better than a costly in-house solution and allow businesses to concentrate on what matters most – serving their customers.



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