ConnectWise launches Bug Bounty programme

ConnectWise is offering rewards to identify and remediate bugs and security vulnerabilities in its software. 

It is a crowdsourcing push as part of a broader cybersecurity strategy.

ConnectWise is partnering with HackerOne, the hacker-powered security platform, to host the programme. 

A Bug Bounty programme incentivises security research by offering monetary rewards for security vulnerabilities submitted. 

Accepting vulnerability reports from third parties helps organisations surface and resolve issues quickly, minimising the chance for exploitation.

The ConnectWise Bug Bounty programme is private, meaning that it is open to invited hackers via the HackerOne platform. 

ConnectWise is committed to addressing all confirmed vulnerabilities discovered through the Bug Bounty programme and will remediate and disclose issues commensurate with severity. 

“Cyber criminals move fast, so we have to move faster. Employing a bug bounty programme with the help of HackerOne will allow us to do just that by finding issues before bad actors get a chance to exploit them,” said Tom Greco, Director of Information Security, ConnectWise. 

“Crowdsourcing in this way represents a solid additional layer of security, and we clearly value the community’s expertise and participation in helping us keep our products secure."

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