Businesses seek MSSPs due to incident response challenges

Businesses are increasingly facing issues in incident response, with Integrity360 finding that budgetary constraints (31%), complexity of incidents (27%) and shortage of skills, experience and tools (38%) are key challenges. 

Technology leaders also fear reputational damage if they respond incorrectly, with the sense of responsibility cited by 31% as a stressor and the fear of being wrong by 24%, both ranked higher than difficulty in diagnosing the incident (22%).

Brian Martin, Head of Product Development, Innovation and Strategy at Integrity360, said: “Enlisting the help of a MSSP can benefit businesses with the expertise, resources, and vigilance needed to protect sensitive data and respond effectively and efficiently to incidents.”  

Integrity360 also found a change in the top concerns of technology leaders with over half of the respondents (55%) citing data theft as the biggest concern, with ransomware taking third place (29%) after phishing (35%). 

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