Blog: Recruitment brisk despite Brexit bite

There’s no doubt that Brexit is impacting the UK hiring market as a lack of live candidates lowers competition to just 0.37 applicant per advertised job (Adzuna).

Yet like all market changes there are plenty of opportunities for both job seekers and employers if you adopt the right attitude, writes Clive Jefferys of Telecoms recruiter JMA Network. 

With less competition per role, advertised salaries have risen by 4.2% during the summer months as companies seek to attract the staff they need.

In return, employers are finding that candidate quality has risen in exchange for increased pay. Active job seekers today tend to be ambitious and driven, confident in their own skills, less concerned by worries about the wider economy.

Less candidates, but of higher quality… what would Keynesian economists say about that?
Here are my top tips for the runout of 2018...

Keep looking, for new staff, for new jobs
There’s plenty of activity on our interview boards to prove that recruitment is running on full steam, but only for the right people.
There's a multitude of recruitment platforms
Use them all! Agencies will take up most of the strain for you; that’s what they are paid for, but it will do no harm to do a bit of networking yourself.

It’s a joined-up world
Treat everyone with respect and consideration. You never know which of your contacts today will prove to be your greatest ally tomorrow.

The interview is precious
Just like a meeting with a sales prospect, the opportunity to interview is just as important. Employer and candidate should sell passionately to each other, its match-making for business!

If you can feel the love, then go for it
There are too many other suitors out there; other companies, other candidates, to waste time and risk losing the hire.

So if you want it, just grab it!

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