Gamma campaign spotlights positive relationships

Gamma is highlighting the importance of positive business relationships through its new brand campaign, which was unveiled to guests at Searcys at the Gherkin on March 20th.

A survey by Gamma found that 72% of individuals believe that good rapport is more important than price and capabilities when choosing a partner, and this rises to 77% amongst UK respondents.

A similar number (76%) agree that individual customer relationships are the best way to connect with customers/clients.

Gamma’s new brand reflects this with the tagline ‘Better Together’ and a new mascot, a purple dog designed to embody warm and mutually positive relationships.

Dr Charlotte Armitage joined Gamma at the Gherkin to explain the concept of ‘return on relationships’: “Safety and stability in relationships is built and developed through consistent, predictable, positive and healthy interactions with others.

“Therefore, creating secure and meaningful relationships with employees and customers positions an organisation as a place that both parties wish to remain a part of, contributing to the success of any company.”

Gamma found a similar picture when asking decision-makers about internal relationships as 75% believe strong relationships with colleagues are key to business success.

The research shows that many still need help forging these relationships as only 37% of respondents believe they have strong relationships between their organisations and their customers/clients.

Furthermore, only 31% of respondents believe they have strong relationships with their colleagues.

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