Nearly half of SMBs still unaware of Switch Off

Around 42% of SMB businesses still are not aware of the impending PSTN switch off, leaving room for resellers to educate their customers.

Spitfire’s Switch Off Hesitancy Survey also found that nearly three quarters (72%) of UK SMBs still don’t consider the PSTN Switch Off a high business priority. 

Dom Norton, Sales Director at Spitfire added: “Businesses could quite literally be cut off. To see that a significant number of business leaders are yet to consider the Switch Off as a high priority is concerning. Clearly more needs to be done to make leaders aware of their need to act.”

MD Harry Bowlby added: “There is no escaping the fact that the SMB sector appears to be ignoring the rather large telecoms elephant in the room.

“Our advice is don’t let the Switch-Off creep up on you and leave your business exposed - make the smart move and get the ball rolling today.”

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