BT begins Digital Voice rollout across East Midlands

After sharing a regional rollout plan for its new home phone service, Digital Voice, BT has begun switching customers in the East Midlands.

Customers in the area will be contacted at least four weeks in advance before making the switch, to ensure they are ready to move to Digital Voice.

Vicky Hicks, Senior Engagement Manager at BT Group, said: “Around two million BT customers have already made the switch which is free and requires no home installation work.”

BT’s regional approach will be supported by general awareness communications, and advertising campaigns, delivered across local and regional media.

Upcoming engagement activities in the East Midlands include:

The company will be present in townhalls, garden centres and libraries across the region in July to address customer questions and showcase the product.

It will also tour 12 towns and cities with a demonstration vehicle.

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