Virtual1 adds to SDN functionality

Virtual1 has put greater control into the hands of partners with the release of more functionality (via 1Portal) that automates the majority of moves and changes requested by partners. 

"The release delivers features to optimise the flow of traffic, including control of Quality of Service settings and IPV4 routing," stated Head of Products & Marketing Neil Wilson.

"It adds read only SNMP configuration to enable partners to use their own monitoring platforms and add further value to their solutions.

"Our partners can directly control their service experience and not be beholden to legacy services with their long lead times. That is key in helping business differentiate in a tightly fought market."

Virtual1 has also added VLAN resizing to its flexible bandwidth functionality, meaning bandwidth can be intelligently distributed across the services in use.

Virtual1 provides high speed connectivity solutions to over 180 UK towns and cities via its nation SDN network.

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