Network Infrastructure

  • Age of autonomousity dawns

    It would take a cool nerve to deny that the future of connectivity does not lie in autonomous networking, says Maserg
  • Masergy strides towards autonomous networking

    An integrated AI-based digital assistant for network, security and application optimisation has been launched by Masergy. 
  • Upgrade lacks clarity

    Round Table discussion: Those witnessing the slow pace of the UK’s connectivity upgrade could be forgiven for assuming that
  • Openreach timesaver speeds up fibre roll out 

    A deployment timesaver is being trialled by Openreach as it seeks to speed up the roll out of fibre.
  • On track for new fibre routes

    Nextgenaccess Managing Director Mark Weller has brought the company to the most significant inflection point in its hist
  • Virtual1 adds to SDN functionality

    Virtual1 has put greater control into the hands of partners with the release of more functionality (via 1Portal) that automates the majority of moves and changes requested by partners. 
  • Glide Business warns against full fibre 'race and overbuild' scenario

    Ofcom's stance on the roll out of full fibre could jeopardise the viability of existing infrastructure investments and
  • ITS hunts partners across key regions

    Full fibre network provider ITS Technology Group (ITS) is seeking to recruit local partners across its 22 networks spanning key locations in the east midlands, Greater Manchester, London, mid and n
  • CityFibre kicks off Stirling full fibre transformation

    CityFibre has kicked off work to transform Stirling's connected future with the roll out of a next-generation full fibre broadband network.  
  • FluidOne launches Secure SD-WAN

    FluidOne’s newly launched SD-WAN solution – which follows a link up with cyber security business Fortinet – integrates multiple technologies with next-generation security and network functions.


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