Connexin extends LoRaWAN infrastructure to 4.8 million homes

Connexin’s Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) now reaches 4.8 million homes.

The network is designed to y connect IoT devices and sensors over long distances while consuming minimal energy. The network is live and passes over 4.8 million homes.

Connexin is set to expand the network even further with plans to connect an additional 400,000

Dan Preece, Vice President of IoT at Connexin, said: “Our growth in building smarter cities and places has been accelerated with an £80m investment from PATRIZIA.”

Phoebe Smith, Senior Director at PATRIZIA Infrastructure, said: “PATRIZIA is proud to support Connexin’s growth journey in the UK digital infrastructure space. During a time when sustainability and reducing unnecessary impact on the planet are more important than ever, we are excited to partner with such an innovative and forward-thinking company.”

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