Connexin and NYnet to expand IoT network across North Yorkshire

Connexin and NYnet have signed a LoRaWAN network sharing and operations agreement to expand the IoT network infrastructure across North Yorkshire.

The collaboration will allow both organisations to improve the network to reach more customers.

NYnet’s LoRaWAN network currently covers 85 per cent of the geographical area of North Yorkshire. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of April 2024 with 57 new gateways installed.  

The expansion will support the roll out of a new smart network as part of the Yorkshire Water advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) roll-out.

NYnet can utilise the network to cover all aspects of council operations including social care, parking, public health, and other initiatives such as parking, bins and air quality monitoring in schools.  

Ralph Varcoe, Chief Growth Officer at Connexin, said: "This will this ensure more Yorkshire Water customers receive the services they need, but we can also continue to gain coverage for other customers across the region by roaming with NYnet.”

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