AI and security to lead tech investment

Almost eight in 10 (79%) IT leaders expect to increase their tech budgets over the next one to three years, with one in four hoping to drive revenue with digital infrastructure.

This comes from a survey led by Colt Technology Services of 1,114 IT leaders across 12 countries.

It found that improving security (40%) and adding AI and machine learning capabilities (31%) top the list of priorities for investment.

The research also highlights growing concerns around the environmental impact of IT networks as one in five (20%) named ‘understanding the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure’ in their top three priorities and around the same (19%) named reducing the environmental impact of their IT infrastructure as a priority.

Buddy Bayer, COO at Colt Technology Services, said: “The way businesses think about digital infrastructure has fundamentally changed as it’s now front and centre for generating growth and securing new revenue opportunities.

“It's heartening to see sustainability become a priority for IT leaders as they look to reduce emissions and minimise the environmental impact of their networks.”

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