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  • Comms managers back at the top

    The communications buyer is now more important than the IT manager in the new Cloud world. That’s the view of Dominic Black, Director of Research at ICT analyst The Cavell Group.
  • New sales booster from Wildix

    Wildix has launched a new valued added solution claiming it will help reseller customers boost sales. 
  • Fourteen IP acquires carrier grade telephony platforms

    Hotel specialist Fourteen IP has acquired its own Cisco BroadWorks carrier grade cloud PBX platforms hosted in data centres in Virginia and Texas, with European platforms located in London and Fran
  • Xelion rolls out partner training scheme

    Cloud telephony provider Xelion UK is offering free bespoke training for channel partners. 
  • Xelion UK notches up record month 

    Cloud comms provider Xelion sold more UK user licenses in October than at any other time with the majority using a softpho
  • Kaye’s winning blend

    It is now more clear than ever that channel partner success boils down to a blend of portfolio breadth and value, s
  • Farrell in call for a ‘human’ service touch

    Gamma Customer Operations Director Patricia Farrell believes introducing a ‘human touch’ to customer engagement is vital to improve customer service levels and unlock business transformation.
  • NTA adds widget wallboard feature

    NTA has added a widget wallboard feature to its hosted platform which views real-time call traffic – different widget features can be added as needed.  
  • Home working shift prompts spike in softphone use

    A LinkedIn poll conducted by cloud telephony provider Xelion indicates that the shift to home working has spiked far greater use of softphones.
  • Dailey delivers growth

    Cloud comms provider NFON has set its sights on achieving market dominance across Europe and key to realising its big am


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