Netomnia ploughs £150m into bridging digital divide

Full fibre investor Netomnia has announced a total investment of £150m into network construction in underserved areas as it aims to bridge the digital divide.

CEO Jeremy Chelot said: “The internet transforms lives, it’s a great leveller. If you have not got it or have a poor connection, you are disadvantaged.

“I want to see the prosperity the internet can bring to towns where others haven’t bothered to turn up or have made minimum effort. We are not holding onto cash, we are investing to connect people in previously forgotten but now fast towns.”

Netomnia has already connected customers in Peterlee, Spennymoor and Durham, and has added Ashford, Barrow-in-Furness, Boston, Canterbury, Cheltenham, Houghton le Spring, Kings Lynn, Spalding, Stockton, Stroud and Wisbech to its construction plans.

This will see a total of 500,000 premises connected with Netomnia targeting one million by 2024.

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