Fibre defuses ‘family rows’ says Truespeed

A survey of 2,000 UK parents by Truespeed and OnePoll found that home-workers were being let down by sub-par broadband with around two thirds not having a highly reliable connection.
Evan Wienburg, CEO of Truespeed, said: “The survey underlines the urgent need for working from home parents to be able to choose an ultra-fast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband service that can handle whatever their family throws at it.”
On average households have nine connected devices and Truespeed claims limited broadband is causing family arguments with three quarters of respondents having argued over the battle for bandwidth.
Wienburg added: “Struggling with sub-standard broadband is a big challenge for parents up and down the country juggling working from home with their kids’ online schooling.
“Everyone wants a piece of the broadband action so it’s hardly surprising that unreliable connectivity and bandwidth issues are causing family rows.” 

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