Average worker will spend three years on video calls

The average person will spend three years of their life making work video calls despite only 36% having very reliable broadband. 

These were the findings of a survey by Bath-based ISP Truespeed which found 42% of those polled experienced problems with their connection at least once a week, with adults wasting on average 12 minutes a day waiting for online applications or documents to load online.

Truespeed highlighted that the south west was in the digital slow lane with only 33% of adults in the area having very reliable broadband.

CEO Evan Wienburg said: “Our internet time adds up when you consider all the different activities, we use it for. To keep pace with people’s internet expectations, we need to ensure our broadband is reliable and up to the job for our internet lifetime.”

The survey found that the nation is only prepared to wait up to 23 seconds on average for something to load on the internet before losing their patience.

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