Time to seize Teams opportunity

Traditional telecoms resellers need to expand their offering to Microsoft products, or they risk savvier MSPs eating their lunch, says Claire Makin, Giacom’s Head of Voice Portfolio.

She demonstrated the disparity between companies using and selling Microsoft Teams at Giacom’s recent All-IP Summit, held on 31st October at the IET, Westminster.

When Makin asked attendees who in the room used Teams within their organisations, nearly all hands were raised. When she asked who was selling Teams, only three hands stayed in the air.

She stated: “Our audience responses signify that the users are out there but perhaps are being supported by Microsoft directly or a soon to be competing MSP.”

By 2022 Microsoft held a 39% market share in the Global UC&C market according to Statista and Cavell's latest research, forecasting huge growth in the Teams Telephony.

Makin adds: “The products MSPs provide are underpinned by good quality connectivity, the next step for MSPs is to branch further into communications, if not their competing MSPs are going to eat their lunch.

This is particularly important given the imminent 2025 switch off. Giacom’s key message on the day was that the time to act is now.

Giacom’s COO Nathan Marke believes highlighting the advantages of All-IP is the key to increasing adoption, particularly amongst SMBs. He said: “We are all partly responsible for making this transition look like a chore. To date we have put a product lens of the switch off, and SMBs have little interest in swapping products.

“Currently they see this as something they need to do, but they don’t necessarily want to do it as we are not leading with the benefits to their businesses.”

Giacom’s alternative approach uses the following tagline: “The Great Switch Off is a customer switch off. Switch them on with All-IP.”

In an era where SMBs are dependent on technology, they are interested in how effective investment in technology can ensure business continuity, enable hybrid work and make their businesses better.

Marke added: “They are also looking for a strategic partner to help them achieve this and your value proposition needs to demonstrate this vision.”

Following the event, on November 1st, Giacom launched the All-IP Managed Service to support Resellers and MSPs to transform their existing services, using its expertise to support managing the technology upgrades.

James Montague, Head of Connectivity Portfolio at Giacom said: “We have reshaped our business to enable channel partners to grow their businesses through the All IP opportunity.”

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