Evolve IP warns against race to the bottom

Evolve IP shared methods for standing out in a commoditised channel with its partners during a recent webinar hosted alongside Larato.

The company emphasises the importance of highlighting advantages beyond pricing to avoid a race to the bottom.

Jamie Hughes, Evolve IP UK Sales Director, said: “In an increasingly saturated market, resellers need to stand out from the crowd to continue to win new business.”

He advocates for the importance of value, driving business efficiencies and maximising return on investment over a longer period.

Webinar Co-host Lucy Green, CEO and Founder at Larato, added: “Many providers can make a phone ring but it’s about applying different layers of service and tools that can streamline business operations to make them more productive and successful.

“Technology differentiation is one of the key ways to stand out, however with so many providers providing ‘much of a muchness’ that can sometimes be tricky too. Surviving in a saturated market is getting harder but the rewards can be bigger than ever.”

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