New manifesto promises a green, diverse and responsible BT

BT Group has released a manifesto that promises to ensure that its growth is responsible, inclusive, and sustainable.

This includes accelerating access to transformative technology and ultrafast networks, building a bigger, more diverse talent pool and driving the faster adoption of sustainable practices.

BT has already stated its intention to be net zero by 2030 and now plans to help its customers reduce their own carbon emissions by 60m tonnes by the same deadline.

The company is looking to address the rising e-waste challenge by building towards a circular BT by 2030 and a circular tech and telco ecosystem by 2040.

The manifesto promises to launch a new movement to improve the UK’s diverse digital talent pipeline, playing into BT’s previously announced target of helping 25 million people across the UK improve their digital skills by 2025.

Diversity targets are quantified in the manifesto with targets to have a 50% gender split among colleagues by 2030, 25% from a non-white background and 17% with a disability.

CEO Philip Jansen said: “This is not just a sustainability plan, it’s an agenda for growth and commercial success that recognises that we will only succeed if we help solve some of the problems faced by the societies and customers we serve.

“This will be achieved through the creation of products and services that directly address those problems and by doing it in a responsible, inclusive and sustainable way.”

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