Vapour Cloud joins forces with Virtual1

Vapour Cloud is collaborating with channel network provide Virtual1 as a key data partner for the north of England.

Virtual1 operates a business-only fibre infrastructure, connecting over 180 towns and cities across the country. 

The link-up enables Vapour to provide clients with high capacity, low-latency and flexible connectivity.

“The selling points of this new network provision are multiple,” commented Vapour’s CEO Tim Mercer. “But it’s the extended reach, bandwidth speed and scalability that will really take our client offering to a whole new level.

"The portal – with 24/7 access – provides the opportunity to ramp things up or down in real-time, which will satisfy the ‘of the moment’ demand that so many organisations now come to us with. I’ve never been more excited about our connectivity portfolio.”

Virtual1 CEO Tom O’Hagan added: “Eighteen months ago we decided to expand our network throughout the UK, and as a wholesale-only business we relied on partner relationships to capitalise upon our expanded nationwide presence.

“We are clear on what we look for in partners though – like us, they need to have innovation, a commitment to the customer and a forward-thinking mindset at their core. Vapour fits the bill completely.”

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