Planning for Digital Britain: Catch up with this year's Comms Vision agenda

This year's Comms Vision Convention (7-9th November, Gleneagles Hotel) is set to drive the Digital Britain agenda with a stand-out conference line-up.

Day One: Wednesday 7th November 2018

Conference opening keynote and interview: Oliver Dowden CBE MP, Parliamentary Secretary (Minister for Implementation)

Interview: Alex Tempest, Managing Director, BT Wholesale 
Beyond legacy: Delivering transformation in Digital Britain

The appointment of Alex Tempest as BT Wholesale’s Managing Director earlier this year reflects the changing face of BT’s channel organisation and its acceleration from ‘elder statesman’ to ‘challenger brand’. In her Comms Vision interview Alex will reveal how BT Wholesale is emerging as a disruptive force that’s challenging the status quo while supporting and engaging the channel to prepare for the big shift to all-IP and Digital Britain.

Keynote: Will Whitehorn
Reaching for the stars in Digital Britain

Will Whitehorn, former President of Virgin Galactic, Virgin Brand Development Director and Richard Branson’s ‘right-hand man’ has a habit for driving industry disruption. In his Comms Vision keynote Will aligns his disruptive leadership experience to the revolution in communications technology, and lays down the markers for realising innovation and opportunity through strategic planning as Digital Britain moves from concept to reality.

Interview: Andrew Taylor, CEO, Gamma
The transition to Digital Britain: What next for the channel?

In his Comms Vision interview Gamma CEO Andrew Taylor will discuss how the drivers of Digital Britain are influencing Gamma and business leaders in the comms channel. And in reflecting on his own digital strategy Andrew will signpost how Gamma’s objectives align with the future direction of the communications sector. He will also consider the channel’s future role in Digital Britain and the practical actions he will engage to ensure long-term success for both Gamma and partners, as he seeks to capture value from existing and new products and more integrated channel partnerships. 

Day Two: Thursday 8th November 2018

Keynote and interview: Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist
Are you future-ready as we move into Digital Britain?

The comms channel faces an important question as we seek to uncover the full implications of digitalisation: What’s next? As momentum builds around Digital Britain what will the technology ecosystem look like and how will partner/customer relationships be held together? From which technology areas will business growth be generated and how will our day-to-day working relationship with technology evolve? These are some of the questions Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist and founder of Book of the Future, will answer as he applies true foresight to unravelling these challenging future problems and building strategies for sustainable success.

Interview: Kristine Olson-Chapman, Managing Director, TalkTalk Business
Is Britain’s infrastructure ready for an all-digital future?

At a time of massive disruption we interview Kristine to explore how technology and innovation are reshaping the digital landscape, and how the channel should prepare for the biggest connectivity change in more than a generation – and seize the opportunities on offer.

Interview: Mark Collins, Director of Strategy and Public Affairs CityFibre and Elsa Chen, CEO, Entanet
Building Digital Britain: Meeting the challenges and creating value

Full fibre and 5G are the single most important drivers of Digital Britain but without the right incentives, regulatory framework and competitive environment the UK’s communications infrastructure rebuild will falter. In their Comms Vision interview Elsa and Mark consider the core challenges posed by the Government’s digital strategy and how they should be met; and explore the optimistic prospects for proactive resellers wanting to play an important role in the nationwide roll out of full fibre, ensuring the UK goes the digital distance.

Interview: James Palmer, CEO, 9 Group 
Demystifying Digital Britain

In his Comms Vision interview 9 Group CEO James Palmer will look to demystify what Digital Britain means for the leaders of channel partners and their business customers. James will examine how recent shifts in buying behaviour, connectivity infrastructure and flexible working styles are simplified by distilling what customers really want into three key elements and ensuring that emerging technologies supplement an existing product portfolio. To add value in each of these areas there is a clear opportunity to succeed in the converged comms and IT market.

14.30-15.00 pm
Keynote: Frank Dick OBE
Winning the race to Digital Britain

Crossing the winning line first in the race to Digital Britain will mean reworking aspects of your business, perhaps most importantly individual and team performances. As Digital Britain unfolds, meeting the challenges and opportunities with a ‘people strategy’ and development programme is crucial. In his keynote address legendary athletics coach Frank Dick OBE will share his experience and research into individual success and achievement which, as the British Athletics Federation’s Director of Coaching, put athletes such as Daley Thompson, Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe on track to European, Olympic and world honours.

It takes Vision to be a leader
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