COMMS VISION 2018: Digital Britain: Let's make it happen! Gleneagles 7-9 November

The big industry question today: How to profit from Digital Britain? Comms Vision 2018 explores the new realities of Digital Britain, their potential impact on the channel and how to be a leader as new infrastructure and ICT technologies take hold.

This year’s Comms Vision Convention staged at the world famous Gleneagles Hotel (7-9th November) will establish a strategic sense of what Digital Britain really means for delegates and the channel as a whole, and clear a pathway towards new cross-industry revenue opportunities catalysed by the targets set in the Government’s Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review (FTIR) and innovations in technologies around UC&C and Contact Centres. In its report the Government threw its weight behind full fibre and 5G services as the de facto infrastructure for the whole of the UK, and Comms Vision will consider what lies ahead as the industry evolves, and discuss how the channel can unlock new revenue streams as the UK becomes a world leader in digital communications. 

Comms Vision will also assess the hurdles faced by the industry as we move towards Digital Britain – including the potential impact arising from the post-WLR world and BT’s switch to all-IP in 2025 – and explore how the comms sector should prepare for the opportunities ahead and why collaboration between the industry, Government and regulator will be key. Comms Vision will also discuss the broader themes of digital transformation and how digital technology is disrupting business models across Britain at a time of unprecedented interconnectivity. 

Now is the time for business leaders in the channel to make their mark

Where next? Devising a strategy to capture value while navigating the Digital Britain obstacle course will be a priority. As the migration to Digital Britain continues to disrupt traditional models we will consider why channel players need a digital strategy and discuss the core strategic components and elements that will have the most positive impact on capturing value and future business success. As part of this, digital enablement offers an opportunity to radically change the customer landscape and drive change. Against this backdrop we will discuss where Digital ranks in the buyer’s decision structure, how they are likely to engage with suppliers in the future, and how the expectations placed on ICT providers are shifting.

Now is the time for business leaders in the channel to make their mark. But the characteristics that will define successful CEOs of the future are evolving. Effective leadership will undoubtably function as an important catalyst for revenue creation, therefore Comms Vision will explore the key leadership issues that top level executives should be considering in their Digital Future planning, and highlight some of the practical actions that can be taken now to help ensure long-term success. We also consider the characteristics that organisations should expect of their CEOs in the digital defined future. 

A key leadership imperative will be to ensure that organisations are fit for purpose and able to go the Digital Distance and make the most of tomorrow through partnerships. Digital Britain provides an unprecedented opportunity to reshape IT and communications, but how can channel partnerships continue to create the conditions for growth and underpin future customer requirements at a time of historic disruption? We explore the impact of this question, and other factors, on how the Customer and Channel Partnering landscape is likely to evolve and the significance of this to partners. 

Reimagining business communications in the Digital Age also means harnessing breakthrough networks, fully understanding innovations in voice and data services and developing channel empowerment. At this time of massive disruption we will also explore how technological innovations are reshaping the digital communications landscape where data reigns supreme in key markets like UC, Collaboration and Contact Centres, and where the shift to cloud and rise of opex-based services models extends across the board. How can the channel prepare for what could be the biggest industry change in more than a generation? We highlight why IT and comms service providers will require a full understanding of the opportunities and challenges they face to stay ahead in their key markets.

The Government’s FTIR points to a more converged telecoms sector due to the synergies between fixed fibre networks and 5G. According to the report, operators with an interest in both will hold a strategic advantage at a time when 5G offers the potential for an expansion of the telecoms market. Therefore an important theme at Comms Vision this year will be reimagining mobile networks and mastering tomorrow’s mobile experience. 

Devising a strategy to capture value while navigating the Digital Britain obstacle course will be a priority

We will address the top questions about the future of business mobile and develop an understanding of new areas such as the impact of 5G on the mobile experience, the extent to which narrowband IoT and low power connectivity will catalyse new ‘connected’ markets, and we will also consider the potential business opportunities for the channel in the emerging 5G and IoT enabled network landscape, and how ICT providers with a play in both full fibre and 5G services may hold the competitive edge.

The big industry question now: How to profit from Digital Britain? This year’s Comms Vision Convention will provide CEOs and MDs at the helm of ICT reseller businesses, MSPs, SIs and VARs with an understanding of the developing infrastructure, voice and data ecosystem, and enable them to take the strategic action required to prepare their organisations to thrive on the pathway to Digital Britain.

It takes Vision to be a leader
Comms Vision (7-9th November, Gleneagles Hotel) is the leading annual leadership forum for CEO, MD and CTO delegates making up the major league of the UK reseller community. Places are limited and by invitation: If you would like to join us this year, please register your interest to attend at

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