Auto-provisioning key to Ericsson-LG Cloud 3.5 launch

A free auto-provisioning service is among the highlights of Ericsson-LG’s Cloud 3.5 release. Other updates include support for the 1000i IP phones and new features. 

Andy Herring, Product Marketing Manager at Ericsson-LG's sole UK distributor Pragma, said: "This not only reduces the time resellers spend on site but also enables a smoother transition for end users while guaranteeing minimal disruption."

Pragma is currently working on the launch of a new cloud mobile service and cloud-based contact centre solution. 

Sales and Marketing Director Will Morey added: "We are also helping comms resellers tackle the decline in recurring revenue due to the transition from ISDN to SIP with our mass-deployable Web Listings solution. It has helped partners to significantly grow their monthly billing revenue."

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