Advanced partners deliver £35m in 12 months

Advanced's partner business has generated £35m revenues just 12 months after the software and services company launched its channel programme. Partners have delivered over 120 new customers.
Channel Sales Director Dean McGlone attributed much of this growth to the cloud and emergence of Generation Z in the workforce.

“The cloud has now reached a tipping point, with adoption of cloud-based ERP and finance applications experiencing a significant growth period. 

"What’s more, we have seen the cloud push out older, more traditional technology formats as Generation Z workers enter employment.
“These workers – who were born after the mid-1990s – have been familiar with the Internet and technology since a young age and have had social media available virtually all through their adolescence. 

"As digital natives, they are tipped to be the innovators in the workplace. They have an emotional connection to adopting innovation, a technical-first mindset and are prepared to challenge the technical status quo. 

"They will expect modern technology, flexible working and a digital environment which employers are already now forced to accommodate. Our channel partners are tapping into this opportunity.”
George Smith, MD at Kamarin Computers, stated: "As Generation Z enters the workforce we are seeing established organisations ask questions around the cloud because their employees expect them to be using it across all functions. 

"These younger workers are starting to become part of management teams or play an important role in the IT decision making process.
“What’s more, there are now functional, feature-rich and flexible solutions available to mid-size businesses that meet their requirements.”
Advanced believes that the cloud will become the primary choice for new customers within two years.

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