Daisy bolsters offering with BT voice and ethernet

Daisy Communications can now offer its clients BT Wholesale’s voice and ethernet products as the companyies strengthen their partnership.

By joining BT Wholesale’s Partner Plus programme, Daisy becomes one of the largest companies in the scheme.  

Dave McGinn, CEO of Daisy Communications, said: “We take it as our personal responsibility at Daisy to educate, not only our existing customers, but all UK businesses about the national fibre roll out and how to be prepared for the looming (PSTN) switch off.

“Establishing strong partnerships enables us to do this, bringing access to great broadband and voice products.”

Gavin Jones, Channel Sales Director at BT Wholesale added: “It’s imperative that UK businesses of every size find a new way to connect when analogue lines are phased out by 2025, for example with VoIP.

“Now is the time to champion the shift, and businesses will benefit from faster and more reliable connectivity if they do.”

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