Staff shortages have accelerated AI uptake, says 8x8

One-third of technology executives are prioritising AI as staff shortages force companies to adapt, finds the PwC Future of Work Pulse Survey.

In the past year, hiring has become a key challenge due to skills shortages and has driven the demand for automation to replace missing workers.

According to 8x8 this trend will go a step further as 2022 ushers in the age of hyperautomation, which will not just fill specific worker gaps but create new efficiencies.

The Business Communications Trends report reads: “Adding intelligent call or chat handling to your contact centre can reduce the number of agents needed in a tough hiring market.

“Hyperautomation achieves this by analysing contact centre interactions to find low-hanging fruit for automated call-handling allowing chatbots to take calls and eliminate agent workload while still keeping the customer experience high.”

8x8 also points to supply chain issues, natural disasters and the ongoing Covid crisis as factors that are driving hyperautomation into the mainstream. 

“Hyperautomation may feel like the future, but it is here now,” said CPO Hunter Middleton.

“When customers are coming across hyperautomation, it is impressing them and binds them to companies.

“Keeping up with the technologies that make this possible, such as AI, business process automation and low code tools, is the number one issue that CTO’s currently cite and will be key for businesses looking to stay ahead of competition.”

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