Tech investment driving up post-pandemic productivity, says EPOS

Covid-19 enforced work from home technology and practices have boosted productivity beyond pre-pandemic outputs.

This was found by an ONS report which conducted during the last few months of 2021.

Jane Craven, Sales Director at EPOS said: “It’s only natural that productivity is beginning to exceed pre-pandemic levels. Businesses and their employees have been gradually adapting over the last two years to meet the challenges that hybrid and remote working present.

“There are many changes being made within businesses to promote productivity, but a core one has been business leaders investing in the right technology solutions to enable easier and more intuitive use of virtual communications and collaboration tools. For instance, a report we published last year revealed thar 71% of financial organisations are investing in new audio equipment to facilitate this.

“Different industries may have different needs, but we know that those that listen to the needs of their employees and push for better quality products and an overall better work experience will naturally see productivity rise. On the other hand, sectors that are less advanced in providing this experience to their staff will likely not see the same productivity boosts.”


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