Employees to raise voice on hybrid setup, finds EPOS

Better policy and regulation for home working set ups is needed according to 88% of respondents to EPOS’ Audio Investment Report.

The Report suggests that the voice of the employee will become louder when companies select audio equipment, as 70% of respondents listed consultation with employees as either essential or very important in this process.

EPOS also found a 7% increase in investment in individual audio equipment in the past year, and 6% for shared audio equipment, with Finance organizations being the most positive about future audio investment.

Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen, EPOS President, said: “The shift from crisis to recovery will require business leaders to step back and listen carefully to their audiences to get closer to what it is they really want.”

“If they can get this right, the path to productivity will be easily unlocked. Sectors that are less advanced in providing this experience to their staff and customers will need to play catch up at some point in the future.”


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