Room to grow in UCaaS

UCaaS remains an untapped opportunity for many ICT resellers but transformational trends in the market will put UC solutions front and centre, believes Matt Worboys, Business Development Director, Gamma.

Readers would have observed by now that this month’s magazine (February 2024) provides a deep dive into the reasons why resellers may not be fully grasping the UCaaS opportunity, which has been the subject of much drum beating over the years. This editorial thread was catalysed by a research study undertaken by Comms Dealer which found that just 10 per cent of reseller and MSP business leaders questioned rate themselves as a specialist in UC and UCaaS, while more the half don’t have a UCaaS option in their portfolio or are not realising UCaaS opportunities due to support issues.

“It’s clear that many are not fully tapping into the UCaaS opportunities,” stated Worboys. “This might be due to tech and sales support challenges or a lack of specialisation in UC and UCaaS. But while these stats are surprising they also represent an opportunity. It’s our role to support the channel and bring value.”

The shift to IP, faster connectivity speeds and the impending PSTN switch-off are all contributing to a changing landscape where cloud and UCaaS are becoming central
The survey results reflect Gamma’s own experience and Worboys urges channel companies to approach the market through a UCaaS lens. “In our experience UCaaS is an underserved space with great potential,” he commented. “Resellers and MSPs should consider making UCaaS a core specialism because it’s a growing market with increasing demand from businesses looking for unified communications solutions.

“Moreover, the shift to IP, faster connectivity speeds and the impending PSTN switch-off are all contributing to a changing landscape where cloud and UCaaS are becoming central. This presents an opportunity for resellers and MSPs to specialise and provide valuable solutions.”

Holistic solutions
Worboys also highlighted that resellers and MSPs who have embraced UCaaS are building greater value for end users by delivering all-encompassing solutions. “It’s important to note that different routes to market are key here,” he commented. “Collaborating with resellers of different shapes and sizes to determine their market approach is crucial to success. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.”

While there is a significant number of players in this space, Worboys firmly believes that there’s plenty of room for growth and specialisation and that partnerships are key to success. “UCaaS providers like Gamma can play a critical role in supporting partners as they navigate the competitive UCaaS landscape,” said Worboys. “Knowledge sharing is essential in bridging the gap and unlocking the market’s potential.”

Key trends in the UCaaS space, observed Worboys, include the adoption of cloud-based solutions, increased mobility and enhanced security measures. “These trends are significant in how Gamma approaches the market, develops its portfolio and engages with customers and partners,” he commented. “Furthermore, the integration of Microsoft solutions and the growing popularity of Contact Centre as a Service are areas of particular interest. We have first-hand experience of how CCaaS is driving more margin and value into the sales process for our channel partners. There’s a growing opportunity and these trends influence our strategic direction.”

Future growth in the UCaaS space will likely come from businesses realising the full benefits of the technology, especially with the integration of AI which can significantly improve efficiency while personalising the UCaaS experience. “To gain an advantage in the UCaaS market reseller and MSP leaders should focus on specialisation, customer service, staying ahead of trends and collaborating with trusted UCaaS providers,” concluded Worboys.

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