Channel leaders confident in greener future

IT channel leaders are confident that they can make sustainable change within their company, with 84% stating they were optimistic about adopting more eco-friendly processes throughout their supply chains.

This was a finding from Agilitas’ ‘Connect for a Sustainable Future’ report which set out to illuminate the outlook on sustainability amongst IT channel senior leaders.

The report found that sustainability efforts were directly related to building resilience amongst channel leaders. When asked to identify areas they are revamping to build resilience, 45% of respondents stated they had begun driving sustainability efforts, with a further 40% committed to this in the future.  

Agilitas found that born in the cloud’ providers were the most likely to mobilise sustainability efforts (41%), followed by distributors (40%) and security firms (38%).

CEO Shaun Lynn said: “From eco-friendly supply chain processes to building a culture of sustainability through workforce initiatives, IT Channel organisations must find ways to reduce waste and build a circular economy that maximises resources with efficiency and longevity.

“The optimism shown by channel firm’s leaders in their ability to make change rapidly is a huge vote of confidence for our industry, as sustainability becomes firmly ingrained in business strategies of the future.”

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