BT highlights UK’s unfamiliarity with e-waste recycling

Research from BT finds that the British public are stockpiling electrical waste, unaware of how to recycle their unwanted tech.

Nearly a third of participants confessed they did not know how to recycle electrical goods whilst four out of ten admitted to having cupboards, drawers or bags full of e-waste.  

BT is targeting this issue and has recycled nearly a million pieces of its own equipment since the start of 2020, preventing nearly 170 tonnes of electrical waste from going to landfill.

Matthew Hughes, Director of Broadband, said: “In 2019 we made it compulsory to return broadband routers to us after use, which has boosted our recycling efforts and prevented the release of 11,430 tonnes of carbon dioxide.”

Andie Stevens, Associate Director at the Carbon Trust Advisory, ICT sector lead, added:The recycling and refurbishment programme is a great initiative, demonstrating the commitment to circularity and achieving long-term sustainability goals by reducing the carbon intensity of products.”

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