Why Seamless Integration Is The Key To Success In An Omnichannel World

Keeping communication simple can be a constant challenge in an increasingly diverse and complex ‘always on’ world.

Multiple platforms, video calls, mobile devices and even traditional deskphones all have a role to play in keeping businesses and their people connected wherever they maybe. Driving customer engagement is crucial too.

Choice is good. However, businesses need to be able to engage via every available channel – from one centralised, all-in-one-place communications platform - to maximise efficiency and performance.

Global Collaboration

It’s an omnichannel approach which requires seamless integration, as Unified Communication continues to transform the hybrid working world. Responding to this omnichannel challenge is the next step on the journey.

As a global collaboration service provider, Evolve IP offers a white[1]label, cloud-based telephony and collaboration platform which has the power to bring everything together in a simple and effective way.

We believe it should be all about making things as easy as possible for the partner to engage; pre and post-sale. Today, that means ensuring they can do so via whatever channel they prefer which, in turn, means integrating all of those channels into a powerful Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) or Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution.

Regardless of industry sector, location or seat size, user experience and customer experience are now mainstream concepts that are at the centre of a dynamic and flexible buying process.

Separation between those channels of communication makes for a resource-heavy, fragmented eco-system with huge potential to frustrate customers and agents alike. In addition, that kind of fragmentation is a barrier to the smooth harvesting and interpretation of communication data that is so key to knowing your customer and supporting the design of more efficient workflows.


Our CPaaS offering seamlessly brings all of an organisation’s communications channels together onto a single, platform; making it easier to execute, manage, monitor and oversee an omnichannel strategy.

Powered by cloud technology, it can competitively, economically and accessibly deliver services to businesses of all sizes, providing them with the agility they need to develop and integrate communications channels and features, without the need for dedicated tech and tailor-made apps.

Consumers expect to be able to interact with organisations easily and in their favourite way. We are supporting our partners throughout EMEA to do exactly that.

With our new Anywhere Portal, we offer one pane of glass and a gateway into the world of Evolve IP. It provides the ability to provision, manage and support your customers, all from one single portal.

A Flexible Approach

We recognise that one size doesn’t fit all. Every sector and business has different needs, so it’s important to offer tailored solutions that provide maximum value and impact.

Our Anywhere Product Suite comprises a range of diverse key services, comprising: Anywhere Call Recording with Voice AI, Anywhere Reporting, Anywhere Integrator, Anywhere Receptionist and Anywhere Contact Centre.

It’s nearly impossible to stay on top of every change in technology. Partner with Evolve IP and gain the combined experience of hundreds of technologists, all acting as an extension of your IT team. We help you do more with less!

To learn more about how Evolve IP can help your customers’ businesses maximize the benefits of an omnichannel strategy, visit www.evolveip.net/en-gb/ Collaboration Lab

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