How Technology Can Align Bosses and Employees in a Hybrid Working Environment

Hybrid work is here to stay. With recent discussions around people needing to return to the office and debates on the impact hybrid working can have on careers. Have we missed the point as to how we make this new working environment successful?

Evolve IP recently wrote an article questioning if bosses and employees were aligned. This debate was sparked by a recent news article about a lack of trust in the workplace and how bosses feel negatively about their employees working from home. It’s time businesses work to support this new environment instead of fighting it.

Bosses need to listen to the positive impact hybrid working is having

We collaborated with Cisco in this debate and used their research around the current hybrid working environment. Cisco’s 2022 Global Hybrid Work Study found that 61% of employees believe that their quality of work has improved since shifting to a hybrid environment. Cisco also highlighted several key benefits of hybrid work enjoyed by workers. 8 out of 10 employees said the ability to work from anywhere has made them happier, while 76% reported that working from home had saved them money. However, not everything was such a positive story with only 1 in 4 employees feeling that their organisation was “very prepared” to support hybrid working.

Businesses should be prepared for hybrid working and to be prepared they need to have the correct unified communications in place to facilitate their hybrid workforce. The right technology provides you with the data and analytics to manage employees effectively and provides the transparency a business needs to measure success and to highlight any issues that need to be addressed.

How can technology support mending the negative feeling towards hybrid working?

Do you understand your call volumes? Is your team managing customer queries effectively? These questions can be answered by adding an omnichannel solution and business analytics to your communication strategy. This will provide you with the data you need to make significant business decisions.

Do you know what customers are asking? Are you aware of the main issues that are coming up from inbound queries? Call Recording can support this. Much more than a tool to monitor your staff but to flag any reoccurring problems within the business so you can improve processes and create any additional resources to reduce reoccurring issues.

Does your team have the tools to collaborate effectively? Are they able to share files, make calls, send messages, and work seamlessly across departments? Collaborative Voice Solutions can help with this, options like Webex or Microsoft Teams are voice solutions that offer this level of support.

Collaborative technology is how a business thrives in the future workplace. To attract new talent, create a positive culture, and have happy employees – hybrid working is something that needs to be embraced. Unified Communications offers businesses the technology they need to enhance communications, build trust and help their businesses thrive in the modern working environment.

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