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Tamsin Deustrom Yue“Getting the order isn’t the problem, it’s getting paid.” Sound familiar? Comms dealers up and down the country share the same pain, but not because customers can’t afford the bills.

You’re winning deals left, right and centre for hosted voice and UC – it’s the growing backlog of customer onboarding and training that’s stopping the cash rolling in.

Quote-to-cash delays are bad for business. Not just poor cashflow and disgruntled salespeople, but unhappy customers waiting around for installs and end-user training.

Internal bottlenecks

The challenge is similar to the lorry driver shortage that’s hitting supermarket supply chains. Demand and availability aren’t the issue, it’s delivery.

It’s usually because internal tech teams are getting pulled in different directions. Too busy helping with presales, doing project management, running maintenance and keeping themselves abreast of new products and technologies.

Too often this means no time for ‘just in time’ service delivery and nobody on standby to manage complete end-to-end onboarding without delays or interruptions.

Managed outsourced professional services

Support to Win works with channel partners and operators to generate happier customers, extra-motivated salespeople and more money in the bank.

Our professional and support services accelerate time to revenue and clear order backlogs so you never become a victim of your own sales success.

Outsourcing like this can help you get all the revenue opportunities of UC without the technical hurdles of onboarding, provisioning, project rollouts and ongoing support. It’s straightforward – we beaver away in the background, and you get all the glory.

5 more signs you need UC professional services

Slow time to revenue is just one motivator driving ambitious comms partners to consider the outsourcing route. Here are 5 more:

Too many calls into the service desk

Your customer base may have outgrown your support capability, or there are underlying issues with your installs. Cut loose from operational overheads and skills shortfalls.

Increased customer churn

Competition is fierce and customers more demanding. You’re acquiring and upselling customers but attrition is high because service levels have dropped. You need support to start delivering ROI asap.

Low customer satisfaction

Complaints are up, CSAT metrics have dropped and more resources are getting sucked into account management.  Outsource to boost customer experience, retain customers and restore your reputation.

MS Teams voice integrations too problematic

The voice integration element of MS Teams is a can of worms. You’ve tried to do it internally,  or gone into ‘co-opetition’ with rival IT/comms partners. Outsourcing to a technical expert is the smart move.

Locked-in to your current platform

Your long-term choice of technology and product platform may need to change for strategic reasons. Dare you migrate live customers without the right technical skills? Finding the right professional services partner holds the key to these new opportunities.

Support to Win is proud to be a 2021 CNA finalist for Best Channel Business Service.

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