Going GREEN can really get businesses going, after all, Green is for GO…

Bold statements like – “Saving the planet”, “Saving Humanity” and “protecting our world for our future generations” all sound great, but are we really doing something about it?

We don’t need a CAPE to be a superhero... we just need to make the right choices.

It’s not just a force for global good, it’s a commercial differentiator that marks an enterprise out as culturally aware and socially responsible.

In many cases, enterprises must prove their green credentials to win new business, including demonstrating that they partner with other organisations that share the same commitment to sustainability. Indeed, recent research found that 50% of B2B buyers are consciously aware of an organisation’s social and environmental performance and see it as a reason to do business with them.

Of course, technology in and of itself is a huge contributor to the reduction in global carbon emissions. Virtual desktops, unified communication tools, remote collaboration, and physical space-saving cloud migration are all contributing enormously to reduced emissions from travel and energy consumption, however businesses need to make the change and adopt this new technology, businesses need to act now.

Welcome to Green IP – We are a hosted Unified Communications provider working with our customers enabling technology to reduce their carbon footprint. Our customers are working more efficiently by collaborating with their customers/suppliers and colleagues so they can start their sustainable journey. At Green IP we are working with Climate Partner www.climatepartner. com/en to ensure everything we do is Sustainable with the aim to become a Net Carbon business. We deliver Sustainable solutions with the aim to reduce carbon to our customers and to help them become Sustainable, whilst saving costs and improving collaboration by adopting a “Work Anywhere” approach. Our solutions can be delivered globally thus reducing travel costs and Co2 whilst increasing productivity and offering a global reach. We also help our customers go further by introducing them to Climate Partner as a low-cost entry point to start their own sustainable journey. We are only just getting started but it already feels like we are making a difference and with your help with we can do even more.

For any size of business, the opportunities to turn a strategic sustainability strategy into a win-win for both you and your customers everywhere. Getting started is often the hardest part of the journey – but the rewards can be truly transformational.

Let’s do it for the right reasons with the added benefits on increasing productivity and saving costs at the same time improving your business. We need to also have fun on the way. Free Cape for all our superhero’s who do want to save the world… Go Green, Go Green IP.

Please contact Green IP www.greenip.co.uk to start your journey and we look forward to helping you and us make a difference.

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