Don’t Get Stuck On The Starting Grid

In the fast-paced world of cloud-based collaboration it’s not always easy to stay one step ahead of the competition. Technology never stands still and continues to evolve.

Evolve IP’s recent Partner Day at the Williams Formula1 Exhibition Centre near Oxford provided an ideal opportunity to assess the current state[1]of-play and pinpoint the road ahead, with five million more users expected to join the cloud collaboration bandwagon over the coming years, as the race to win new customers intensifies.

We were able to bring many industry experts and analysts together from inside and outside the business to provide valuable insights and share their vision of what the future holds.

Now that the dust has settled on a thoroughly memorable day, it’s clear cloud service providers will need to continually raise their game as they battle directly against each other. In a world of super-charged UCaaS solutions, driven by AI, traditional on-premise alternatives are being overtaken at an even greater pace.

By 2028 cloud communication adoption is estimated to rise to 15.9m from 10.9m users this year, reaching 88.3% penetration in a market worth £1.86bn. In many ways we are only at the start of the journey!

A Winning Team

Evolve IP is not afraid to push the boundaries, drive forward and adapt just like F1, based on a best-of-breed eco system of partners that keep innovating too. The investment, the drive and the passion to be the best, beat the best and strive to go even further and faster is inherent across our business. We want to win. We want to be the best. Just like a race team we’re evolving all the time and never stop, nor does the competition.

Which specialist has the best UCaaS solutions will prove crucial in the future, in a ‘cloud v cloud provider’ market competition. According to analysts, Cavell Group, millions more users are on the way – which is why developing market maturity means differentiating from other cloud solutions is becoming more important.

It’s clear collaborative partnerships are becoming ever more crucial, based on being agile and addressing different needs. We’re listening, improving and investing in our team all the time.

Collaboration platform Webex is growing 10 times faster than Microsoft Teams across our partner base – fuelled by powerful new features, designed to enhance the customer experience and boost reseller revenue.

AI Innovations

A new ‘Vidcast’ video presentation tool as well as enhanced AI meeting functionality including a ‘Be-right-back’ innovation, are accelerating adoption.

Successful collaboration is based on three key pillars - efficiency, analytics and security. Customer experience and revenue growth are intrinsically linked and Webex shines in all main areas and offers security by design. It is very cost-effective, delivers high-value functionality, low cost of ownership, lots of integration such as with Office 365 and offers great margin potential.

It’s very exciting that more organisations are starting to get aboard the Webex train in much greater numbers. So far we’ve attracted hundreds of new customers this year as month[1]on-month demand intensifies.

According to the latest industry research, around 85% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in revenue. Organisations with outstanding service generate around six times more revenue than competitors who fall behind, he said.

Just like Formula 1, Evolve IP is striving to lead from the front. We want to be in a position to drive our partner’s businesses further forward.

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