A new frontier in business connectivity for Vodafone partners

As adoption of digital services continues to accelerate, vodafone for partners is serving smes with connectivity solutions to power their digital transformation and boost their turnover

There's no slow-down in the adoption rate for digital services. During the COVID-19 pandemic consumers have shifted toward online channels and experiences, with companies and industries responding by accelerating their rate of digital transformation. In many cases innovation and progress that would have previously taken years, have been achieved within months.

And this isn't just happening with consumers. Business habits are changing too, with many more people working from home now than ever before. Businesses are turning to cloud-based connectivity and collaboration solutions for their staff, and this shift in work tools and habits means organisations now demand more dependability and speed from connectivity products.

Digital transformation supports business growth

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) there's a direct correlation between digital adoption and business growth. A survey by the Welsh Economy Research Unit on digital maturity revealed that 66% of SMEs which integrate digital technologies into their work see increases in turnover. A quarter of these businesses see an increase in turnover of greater than 50%.*

The challenge for these businesses is moving on from traditional products and stop-gap solutions that served a purpose during the pandemic, to a new generation of fully integrated connectivity solutions.

For Vodafone for Business Partners, this presents a huge opportunity - and it's a journey we can take together. We're excited to work with our Partners to build a new frontier in connectivity. Our technology portfolio is at the forefront of what's possible and the migration to next generation solutions has begun…

Future-proof broadband with SOGEA and FTTP

Vodafone is continuing to expand its broadband portfolio. Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) is a new way to connect to fibre that's simple to order, install and maintain. It offers SMEs lower in-life running costs than Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), and can be combined with voice IP services.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is Vodafone's fastest broadband yet. Unlike copper wires, fibre is far less susceptible to interference and signal degradation. For your customers, that means less buffering, service loss and bandwidth limitations.

Tomorrow's voice services with SIP

The phone network as we've known it is fast approaching 'end-of -life'. In 2025 traditional phone and ISDN lines are going to be switched off. Vodafone Partners are positioned to offer customers the opportunity get ahead of this fundamental technology change by transforming calling with SIP.

SIP turns the physical phone lines of a business into virtual lines using an internet connection. Powered by Vodafone Evolved Voice over Public Internet, it's our innovative, business grade solution that unlocks value for SMEs and guarantees an easy transition to IP voice. Your customers will benefit from lower calling costs, without having to compromise on quality.

Confident connections with switched ethernet

For businesses looking to expand or standardise their capabilities at home or globally, Vodafone Ethernet Service is the key to receiving multiple voice, video and data services over the same access connection.

Our portfolio can fulfil the business need for bandwidth, service assurance and increased responsiveness, supporting your customers with greater automation and the power to run big data solutions with confidence.

Bespoke security with Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is ideal for businesses that depend on a reliable connection for business-critical services, whether that's simply website hosting, IP voice services, cloud-based applications, or large file transfers.

Thanks to Vodafone's uncontended service dedicated to business customers, your customers will never have to share a connection, or compete with consumer traffic. We also offer a range of standard and optional security options, perfect for businesses on remote connections.

Offer competitive pricing with wholesale DSL

Wholesale DSL offers SMEs Vodafone's world-class network, security capabilities and dedicated support, at a competitive price. Perfect for growing businesses looking to modernise their connectivity options, without cumbersome costs.

Vodafone wholesale DSL comes with business grade network connectivity as standard for your customers, and our assured bandwidth options are compliant with Ofcom's voluntary code of practice.

Stay flexible with Business Evolve for mobile

Business Evolve is our ground-breaking approach to mobile services for business customers offering flexible contract lengths and data plans, along with customised device bundles. It puts your customer in control of choosing what's best for their business right now, and makes it easy to scale as their business grows.

And you'll be providing your customers with the power of our best ever network. Vodafone's best ever 4G network, and growing 5G network, will ensure that customer mobile plans keeps pace with their business growth.

The next generation of connectivity solutions is here

SMEs need their connectivity services to be working as hard as they do. As we enter a new world where remote productivity is non-negotiable, new connectivity solutions can help businesses cuts costs and say goodbye to outages.

We're working with our Partners to make this the reality and we're investing in our team, our products and our services. By supporting Partners in winning customers, achieving growth and offering connectivity solutions for the new era, we can become better together.

If you're working to build a better business and take advantage of the new frontier in connectivity, get in touch today and speak to our Partner team.


Joe Llewellyn, Head of Indirect Partnerships at Vodafone UK

Channel partners play an important role in the strength of British businesses. Their industry knowledge positions them to help companies digitise operations and adapt to new market conditions and opportunities. Businesses are looking to work with specialist partners to guide them on how to integrate technology into business strategy.

Joe Llewellyn, Head of Indirect Partnerships at Vodafone UK

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