Exposed and weak passwords rife, warns CybSafe

Many thousands of UK businesses are employing staff with exposed or weak passwords for online accounts, according to a blind-analysis of the passwords used by over 21,000 staff at a sample group of 250 UK businesses.

The study by CybSafe found that three quarters were employing staff with vulnerable password combinations – either passwords which were too simple, or passwords which had been compromised in previous data breaches.
Oz Alashe, CEO of CybSafe, stated: “Poor password use is a decades old problem, but for UK businesses, it’s a sticky issue. For the channel, that persistency represents an ideal opportunity to come in and address those needs.
"UK businesses are crying out for solutions that will finally bring the issue of weak and exposed passwords to an end. For channel players with the expertise and effective solutions to hand, this provides a way to expand into new markets before competitors, and to deliver new products and services.”

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